In the next few weeks F & K Construction will be starting work on the storm water project. Please be aware as the beginning phase will take place at Hammer & Grant Streets weather permitting. Thank you to everyone for your patience during this construction period.

The February 4 Town Council meeting has been cancelled. The next council meeting will be Tuesday February 18. Caucus will be at 6:00 pm and council meeting will be 6:30 pm.

Council Meeting Change

Beginning with the January 2020 meeting schedule, the third Tuesday of the month will be the primary meeting with the first Tuesday being the secondary or as needed meeting. The 2020 reorganization meeting will then be Tuesday January 21 @ 6:30 in the town meeting room.

Construction Update

Due to the construction in front of the Utility Office access to the office will be thru the Glass Museum entrance. Also, the alley next to the building will be closed and will not allow drive up payments. We apologize for the inconvenience, but look forward to the new sidewalk and parking areas.

Howard County Recycling

The recycling bins at the Greentown Fairgrounds have been removed per request of the Greentown Lions Club. Recycling bins are located at the Taylor Township Trustee building across from Taylor High School or 1701 N. Market Street in Kokomo. Howard County Recycling is looking for another location in the Greentown area.