Council Update on Sewer Connection Moratorium

As many of you are aware, the Town Council placed the south sanitary sewer on the east side of Greentown on a new connection moratorium last year and initiated a flow study of that section of sanitary main. While we have yet to obtain sufficient wet weather flow information because of a lack of major rain events, we have obtained plenty of dry weather flow data. This has been reviewed by both our Utility Superintendent and Wessler Engineering. The dry weather data indicates that the current sizing of the east section of the south sanitary main is sufficient for proper operation during dry weather.

Therefore, the Town Council has approved the removal of the restriction to new connections on the eastern section of the south sanitary main subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Only existing plated R1 lots may connect
  2. Other multifamily (R2, etc.) or multitenant business are still prohibited
  3. Prior to the issuance of any building permit, town utility accounts for the properties must be current and not delinquent
  4. Residents are reminded that sump pumps, down spouts and other storm water are prohibited from discharging into the sanitary sewer system