Town Council

Town Council Members

Photo of Mr. Scott Deyoe
Mr. Scott Deyoe
President Town Council Town Council / Board of Zoning Appeals / Howard County Recycling
Mr. Don Downs
Chairman Board of Zoning Appeals Town Council / Police Committee / Wastewater Committee / Street Committee / Plan Commission / Board of Zoning Appeals
Photo of Ms. Ashley Howell
Ms. Ashley Howell
Town Council Town Council / Park Committee / Landfill Committee / Street Committee
Photo of Mr. Mark Lantz
Mr. Mark Lantz
Vice-President Town Council Town Council / Park Committee / Police Committee / Water Committee
Mr. James Skinner
Town Council / Plan Commission / Water Committee / Wastewater Committee / Landfill Committee

Mission Statement:  To serve with integrity and address all concerns of residents; to manage funds wisely; to provide a safe and secure environment; and to improve the culture.